We study businesses and develop beautifully designed applications for the web that simplify the work that needs to be done.

About us

We're Pedro and João, two engineers with a background in computer science always looking for challenges in business areas outside of our comfort zones.

João focuses on designing user interfaces and doing front-end development while Pedro does back-end development and deals with the infra-structure that supports all projects.

Together we built Flying Ape, a small company with a mission to design software with great user interfaces and robust features for both start-ups and large companies.

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Pedro Rebelo

João Flores

Our Work

Every customer has a different set of problems and business goals. Thus, our approach to helping them grow and achieve more is always unique. What follows is a brief description of some of those customers and projects.

Sá Silva Transportes

A freight company in Angola needed to improve the control over the condition of their vehicles and productivity of their staff to boost the delivery of goods and broaden their reach throughout the country.

JMB Advogados

A law firm in Asia required a tool for chinese and portuguese lawyers to work together in civil and criminal cases in order to better serve their customers in these legal matters.


An online platform for people who want to organise and share meaningful information while keeping it private. Collect photos, videos, spreadsheets, to-do lists, maps and other documents.

Guava Booking

We help model and talent agencies worldwide to manage the careers of their models, track jobs and get comprehensive financial and productivity reports on how their business is doing.